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Graded Sentences for Analysis

This list is an all-in-one mirror of the lists on From there:

In late 2006, Gary Shannon posted a list of over 800 example sentences from the book 1200 Graded Sentences for Analysis. Because his website was down for an extended period of time, I archived the Graded Sentences here. [...] Gary's site is still the official home for the GSFA list.

Obviously, the "I" does not refer to me, but seeing as Gary's site has been totally replaced, the original mirror hasn't been updated since 2008, and it's a tad annoying to have to download 5 separate text files, here's the list combined. For a list of all words used in these sentences, I still refer you to the original site.

  1. Birds sing.
  2. Children play.
  3. Dogs bark.
  4. Bees hum.
  5. Baby laughed.
  6. The sun shines.
  7. The wind blows.
  8. The car started.
  9. School began again.
  10. The child ran quickly.
  11. Yellow daffodils nodded gaily.
  12. Little Marigold cried bitterly.
  13. All the people shouted.
  14. I recited twice.
  15. The weary traveler slept soundly.
  16. The little brook flows swiftly.
  17. Softly the great white snowflakes fell.
  18. The kind old man laughed pleasantly.
  19. The happy days passed quickly.
  20. Up jumped the smallest boy.
  21. My little white kitten purrs softly.
  22. Slowly the great door opened.
  23. All the boys ran away.
  24. The telephone rang again.
  25. Down came the rain.
  26. Once the Indians fought here.
  27. The happy children shouted joyously.
  28. The frightened horse plunged wildly.
  29. Soon the rain stopped.
  30. The girls answered quickly.
  31. The oldest boy spoke carefully.
  32. Slowly she looked around.
  33. Down fluttered the bright leaves.
  34. The snow has melted.
  35. Our teacher is writing.
  36. All the children are singing.
  37. I will go now.
  38. Soon the baby will walk.
  39. The whistles are blowing.
  40. The thimble rolled away.
  41. The train will soon arrive.
  42. She was always smiling.
  43. I am patiently waiting.
  44. Now the day is dawning.
  45. The baby's ball has rolled away.
  46. The two boys are working together.
  47. The old turkey was strutting about.
  48. This mist will probably clear away.
  49. We have been studying.
  50. Now I am going away.
  51. The clock will soon strike.
  52. The flags are gaily fluttering.
  53. Everybody was busily working.
  54. I have been reading aloud.
  55. Lovely flowers are growing everywhere.
  56. The band is marching by.
  57. The children have been romping noisily.
  58. John is walking very fast.
  59. My mother smiled very sweetly.
  60. This day has passed very quickly.
  61. We should eat more slowly.
  62. A very hard rain is falling.
  63. You have come too soon.
  64. I have worked enough.
  65. A very heavy snow has fallen.
  66. The old gentleman bowed most politely.
  67. Those little foreigners speak very correctly.
  68. The poor old man limped along painfully.
  69. You must write more neatly.
  70. We started too late.
  71. She answered most graciously.
  72. The Man-in-the-Moon came down too soon.
  73. The lady comes here quite frequently.
  74. Directly opposite stands a wonderful palace.
  75. Jane's brother has gone away.
  76. Henry's dog is lost.
  77. The little girl's doll is broken.
  78. Columbus' ships sailed away.
  79. Alice's eyes sparkled brightly.
  80. I usually sleep soundly.
  81. My friends will come later.
  82. The Indian's canoe glided away.
  83. Peter Pan's voice rang out gaily.
  84. Away sped Paul Revere's horse.
  85. Finally the last guest departed.
  86. My cousin reads well.
  87. The children ran after Jack.
  88. I can play after school.
  89. The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
  90. I have been waiting for you.
  91. We all went to the park.
  92. The cow jumped over the moon.
  93. The campers sat around the fire.
  94. A little girl with curls sat near me.
  95. The train starts from St. Louis at noon.
  96. The child waited at the door for her father.
  97. Seven little sisters were walking in a row.
  98. The snow melts rapidly in the warm sun shine.
  99. In autumn the leaves fall from the trees.
  100. Yesterday the best girl in the class missed in spelling.
  101. Some beautiful roses are blooming in our garden.
  102. Everywhere fluttered gay American flags.
  103. Violets grow beside the brook.
  104. Suddenly my friend was standing beside me.
  105. My uncle often goes to London on business.
  106. A cheerful fire was blazing on the hearth.
  107. They are coming behind us.
  108. The little girl was playing with her kitten.
  109. The dog ran after the ball.
  110. In the woods stood a pretty little pine tree.
  111. I am going to the country with my mother.
  112. The whole family went abroad for the summer.
  113. We often rest here under the trees.
  114. Beside the road sat a poor old man.
  115. Were you born in St. Louis ?
  116. Can your brother dance well?
  117. Did the postman ring?
  118. Is your sister coming for you?
  119. Can you come tomorrow?
  120. Have the neighbors gone away for the winter?
  121. Have you been writing at my desk?
  122. Does the robin sing in the rain?
  123. Are you going with us to the concert?
  124. Have you ever traveled in Spain?
  125. Three black crows sat on a tree.
  126. Sadly he turned away without a word.
  127. We sailed down the river for several miles.
  128. Everybody knows about Lincoln.
  129. On a Sunny morning in June we started for the mountains.
  130. Then the unhappy little pine tree slept again soundly.
  131. The leaves on the trees rustled in the wind.
  132. We went along the country road for many miles.
  133. Our dog always barks at strangers.
  134. Several fine rugs lay on the floor.
  135. The boy ran fast along the street.
  136. Tom laughed at the monkey's tricks.
  137. The child grieved for her kitten.
  138. Against the wall stood a ladder.
  139. An old man with an umbrella stood beside the fence.
  140. He talked with my father for ten minutes.
  141. The squirrel's nest was hidden by drooping boughs.
  142. The automobile was parked near the corner.
  143. The great lion roared savagely.
  144. I sat alone in the back seat.
  145. The boys are playing in the lot.
  146. On Monday I go to dancing school.
  147. A robin was hopping about in our yard.
  148. The children in Holland often skate to school.
  149. Great black clouds have gathered in the sky.
  150. Our friends from New York will start for home tomorrow.
  151. The flag of our country floats above us.
  152. Cinderella's fairy godmother sat beside the hearth.
  153. Instantly the pumpkin was changed into a splendid coach.
  154. Cinderella danced happily at the ball until midnight.
  155. The mouse ran up the clock.
  156. The little house stood by the bridge, across the river.
  157. The little seeds waited patiently under the snow for the warm spring sun.
  158. Jack-the-Giant-Killer climbed to the very top of the bean-stalk.
  159. Many little girls with wreaths of flowers on their heads danced around the May-pole.
  160. The saucy squirrel scampered away to his home in the hollow oak.
  161. Have your mother's friends come from the country ?
  162. Hiawatha's canoe floated on the water like a yellow leaf in autumn.
  163. High waves were dashing over the deck of our ship.
  164. The little brook sang softly.
  165. Brave Robin Hood laughed aloud.
  166. Again the great bell tolled.
  167. Forward marched that gallant company.
  168. Sometimes the leaves whisper together.
  169. Up started the frightened deer.
  170. The mighty river rolled silently onward.
  171. The bright stranger then quickly departed.
  172. The children's merry laughter rang out everywhere.
  173. The two strange guests soon went away.
  174. Instantly the boys' shouts ceased.
  175. Once the old woman looked cautiously around.
  176. Great black clouds have gathered.
  177. Little Puck was laughing slyly.
  178. I have been sitting here alone.
  179. Slowly a thick white mist was arising.
  180. The two old comrades were talking together earnestly.
  181. The little prince's horse had been carefully trained.
  182. The mermaids were singing sweetly.
  183. Bravely the wounded soldier struggled on.
  184. Forth marched the mighty army.
  185. Surely you will come to our picnic.
  186. The child's health is steadily improving.
  187. The odor of roses was wafted towards us.
  188. This box of tea was sent from Japan.
  189. Little Cinderella's proud sisters laughed very scornfully.
  190. You read too fast.
  191. The old soldier's horse neighed impatiently.
  192. Too many unkind words are spoken thoughtlessly.
  193. So merrily passed the day.
  194. They always Start too late.
  195. Some very rare plants grow here.
  196. The deep blue heavens smiled again.
  197. A most interesting old gentleman was talking.
  198. The little pine-tree's leaves were changed to gold.
  199. We will walk to school with you.
  200. Crowds of people were looking on with delight.
  201. A vase of beautiful flowers stood on the window sill.
  202. The girl at the end of the line stood still.
  203. Without fear he plunged into the water.
  204. Gay flags were waving from every window in the village.
  205. Above my head hung great clusters of wild roses.
  206. Rip's dog walked along slowly after him.
  207. Above us floated a soft white cloud.
  208. With a loud crash the great tree fell.
  209. Before dawn the little birds were twittering sleepily.
  210. Along the beach flits the little sandpiper.
  211. The peak of the mountain towers above the cloud.
  212. Great fields of snow glowed brightly at sunset.
  213. The soldier's sword hangs at his side.
  214. The river flows down to the sea.
  215. The cattle were grazing peacefully in the meadow.
  216. The little brook babbles noisily along.
  217. Then up spoke brave Horatius.
  218. The cover of the box fell to the floor.
  219. The first boy in the line stopped at the door.
  220. Loud shouted the merry men in the forest.
  221. Suddenly the robber's band appeared on every side.
  222. The ivy grows on the ruined wall.
  223. The horn of the hunter is heard on the hill.
  224. The voice of the captain was heard above the storm.
  225. The little toy dog is covered with dust.
  226. Instantly he plunged into the water.
  227. On the top of the hill in a little hut lived a wise old woman.
  228. A goat with her kids wandered through the forest.
  229. During our residence in London we often walked in Hyde Park.
  230. With a cry of joy I ran to the door.
  231. The light smoke was curling up from every chimney in the village.
  232. Where are you going now?
  233. When was America discovered?
  234. When did the Indians live here?
  235. How was the baby hurt?
  236. Why are you laughing?
  237. How fast does the car go?
  238. How often did you recite?
  239. How high does the tide rise?
  240. When will you ride with us in our new car?
  241. When will your guests from Boston arrive?
  242. Near the mouth of the Mississippi, the river turns sharply towards the East.
  243. Between the two lofty mountains lay a fertile valley.
  244. Among the wheat grew tall red poppies.
  245. Swiftly over the dark waters sailed the three little vessels.
  246. The noisy crowd had rolled together like a summer cloud.
  247. A storm swept over the land.
  248. The men at the oars fought bravely against the storm.
  249. The great Zeppelin sailed majestically over the city.
  250. How prettily the long grasses wave in the wind!
  251. The light from the windows shone across the gravel path.
  252. The strong roots of the oak trees were torn from the ground.
  253. The reed swayed on its slender stem in the morning breeze.
  254. Two little woodpeckers were tapping at the door of the squirrel's house.
  255. The sun's rays slowly fade from the western sky.
  256. The lid of the teapot fell to the floor with a loud crash.
  257. The sun looked down through the branches upon the children at play.
  258. Have the first two examples in this lesson been corrected?
  259. Why are you sitting here alone in the dark?
  260. The tops of the trees were waving gently in the summer wind.
  261. The broad river spread out without a ripple on its surface.
  262. On the very top of the Christmas tree glittered a splendid star.
  263. On one branch of the tree were hanging nets of colored paper.
  264. This lovely New England stream is sheltered by thick woods.
  265. Above the clouds towered the lofty peak of the mountain.
  266. The summer night fell like a perfumed curtain across the valley.
  267. Has the grass on this slope been recently cut?
  268. From the pool below the terraces came the bell-like clang of the frogs.
  269. Near the margin of the lake grew lovely blue iris, with their long slender leaves.
  270. Great flocks of wild geese were flying toward the north.
  271. The trees in apple orchards with fruit are bending down.
  272. The figure glided from the shadow of the wall.
  273. The west wind blew across my face like a friendly caress.
  274. Between the two cottages extended a hedge of lilacs.
  275. The rays of the great search-light reached far out to sea.
  276. The warm south wind, heavy with the perfume of blossoms, came through my window.
  277. Robin Hood went to the shooting-match in the disguise of an old beggar.
  278. The saucy squirrel scampered away to his home in the hollow Oak.
  279. All sorts of strange articles were arranged on the shelves.
  280. The spool of thread rolled across the floor.
  281. A box of growing plants stood in the Window.
  282. Bits of straw were whirled about by the wind.
  283. A little bit of common glass sometimes glitters like a diamond.
  284. A quilt of bright patchwork lay across the foot of the bed.
  285. Over the mantel hung a picture of a knight in full armor.
  286. The whole sky is blue.
  287. I am very happy.
  288. You look sad.
  289. These oranges are juicy.
  290. The sun is hot at noon.
  291. My pencil is not sharp.
  292. The boy's coat was shabby.
  293. This book is interesting.
  294. Sea water is salty.
  295. Those ripe strawberries look delicious.
  296. Baby's cheeks are rosy.
  297. Fair was the little maiden.
  298. The streets are full of people.
  299. In winter most trees are leafless.
  300. All these sentences seem very easy.
  301. Sugar tastes sweet.
  302. The fire feels hot.
  303. In all cities traffic is heavy.
  304. The little girl seemed lonely.
  305. Saturday is always a holiday.
  306. Marion's father is a lawyer.
  307. You must be careful.
  308. William Penn was the friend of the Indians.
  309. Jack Frost is a queer little fellow.
  310. Everybody looks happy on Christmas day.
  311. We are all Americans.
  312. The child will soon be a man.
  313. This place was once an old fort.
  314. Next Monday will be Washington's birthday.
  315. The hummingbird is a very dainty creature.
  316. His colors are beautiful.
  317. Old King Cole was a merry old soul.
  318. The days are much shorter now.
  319. The little boy's father had once been a sailor.
  320. I see some goldfish in the water.
  321. Polly wants a cracker.
  322. I have lost my gloves.
  323. We have sent all our valentines.
  324. A robin has built his nest in the apple tree.
  325. John waved the flag proudly.
  326. I see the man in the moon.
  327. Helen wrote a letter to her friend in San Antonio.
  328. At noon we ate our lunch by the roadside.
  329. Robinson Crusoe was contented on his lonely island.
  330. Mr. Jones bought a knife for his little boy.
  331. Little Goldilocks visited the house of the three bears.
  332. David killed Goliath.
  333. Have you seen the monkeys in the zoo?
  334. Columbus discovered America.
  335. The east wind usually brings rain.
  336. The west wind will blow the clouds away.
  337. September is the ninth month of the year.
  338. The daisy opened her bright petals in the sunshine.
  339. The clown in the circus is a very funny fellow.
  340. We have enjoyed your visit very much.
  341. Their voices sound very happy.
  342. Is today Monday?
  343. Have all the leaves fallen from the tree?
  344. Will you be ready on time?
  345. Have you read "Heidi"?
  346. Will you mail this letter for me?
  347. Are you waiting for me?
  348. Is Sunday the first day of theweek?
  349. Are these gloves too big for you?
  350. Are these last examples right?
  351. How wide is the Mississippi River?
  352. What books shall I take with me?
  353. Be polite to everybody.
  354. Listen.
  355. Sit here by me.
  356. Sing a song of sixpence.
  357. Keep this secret until tomorrow.
  358. Come with us.
  359. Put these ornaments on the Christmas tree.
  360. Bring your friends with you.
  361. Stand up beside your desk.
  362. Wait for us in the hall.
  363. Be careful.
  364. Eat more slowly.
  365. Raise the window.
  366. Write these words in a list.
  367. Red and white streamers fluttered from the top of the May-pole.
  368. Were the Indians friendly to the white men?
  369. Are all these people foreigners?
  370. How many lumps of sugar shall I put into your tea?
  371. In all climates spring is beautiful.
  372. Benches were built along the sides porch.
  373. Have some tea.
  374. Buy a paper from this boy.
  375. Columbus had always loved the sea.
  376. Washington's birthday is a national holiday.
  377. The Swiss are a brave people.
  378. Pip and his dog were great friends.
  379. John and Elizabeth are brother and sister.
  380. You and I will go together.
  381. They opened all the doors and windows.
  382. Saturday and Sunday are holidays.
  383. All the children played and sang.
  384. My favorite flowers are violets and roses.
  385. The postman has brought some valentines for you and me.
  386. Over the river and through the wood To Grandmother's house we go.
  387. Each nook and corner was clean and orderly.
  388. Her ribbons and laces looked fresh and new.
  389. He is small, but strong.
  390. Is this tree an oak or a maple?
  391. Does the sky look blue or gray?
  392. Tom read loud, but very indistinctly.
  393. Come with your father or mother.
  394. I am tired, but very happy.
  395. Peter Pan's heart was full of gladness.
  396. He played a tune on his wonderful pipe.
  397. Toward the end of August the days grow much shorter.
  398. A company of soldiers marched over the hill and across the meadow.
  399. A troop of merry children rushed past my window.
  400. The daisy listened with delight to the song of the lark.
  401. The fairies have the flowers for their musical bells.
  402. The first part of the story is very interesting.
  403. We have written the first three verses of the poem.
  404. I remembered the name of the flowers.
  405. The shadows of the trees were gradually growing shorter.
  406. They have been most courteous to us always.
  407. The Indians had never seen a ship or a white man before.
  408. Swift of foot was Hiawatha.
  409. Of all beasts he learned the language.
  410. Pleasant was the landscape round him.
  411. In his arms he bore the maiden.
  412. The Pilgrims invited the Indians to their first Thanksgiving.
  413. The old lady seemed very anxious about the child.
  414. The children put a pipe into the snowman's mouth, and a hat on his head.
  415. For many years I have been a wanderer.
  416. Cousin Mary knows many fairy-tales, and tells them to us at night.
  417. The crow dropped some pebbles into the pitcher and raised the water to the brim.
  418. The oak is monarch of the woods.
  419. The baby clapped her hands and laughed in glee.
  420. Does the hedge grow around the whole garden?
  421. Around went the wheels of the great machine.
  422. That great mountain rises beyond the desert.
  423. Wash your face and hands, and come to dinner.
  424. The girl was careless and dropped her basket of eggs.
  425. Stop your game and be quiet.
  426. Do you take sugar and cream in your coffee ?
  427. The sound of the drums grew louder and louder.
  428. Do you like summer or winter better?
  429. Is June a spring or a summer month?
  430. The plane seemed only a speck in the blue sky.
  431. Place the flowers in the center of the table.
  432. Be honest in all your work.
  433. How far do these great wheat-fields extend?
  434. June 21 is the longest day in the year.
  435. The little princess grew more beautiful and gracious.
  436. Longfellow and Bryant were American poets.
  437. Louisa Alcott wrote "Little Men" and "Little Women."
  438. He will have a great and glorious future.
  439. Sir Walter Raleigh was a great favorite with Queen Elizabeth.
  440. That boy will have a wonderful trip through Canada and Alaska.
  441. Onward rushes the sparkling water over the white sand.
  442. Daniel Boone was a famous hunter, and loved adventure.
  443. They popped corn, and then sat around the fire and ate it.
  444. The great tawny lion walked up and down in his cage.
  445. Did you or your sister paint this picture?
  446. Tree and house and hill and lake are frosted like a wedding cake.
  447. Between the cottage and the wall grew a splendid old oak.
  448. They won the first two games, but lost the last one.
  449. Take this note, carry it to your mother; and wait for an answer.
  450. They were good people, and lived very happily together.
  451. He took a key from his pocket, unlocked the chest, and lifted the heavy lid.
  452. I awoke early, dressed hastily, and went down to breakfast.
  453. Aha! I have caught you!
  454. Pshaw! This string is too short!
  455. Oh, dear! the wind has blown my hat away!
  456. Alas! that news is sad indeed!
  457. Whew! that cold wind freezes my nose!
  458. Are you warm enough now?
  459. The child reads well enough.
  460. You have written enough.
  461. Have you time enough?
  462. Are these ribbons wide enough?
  463. The sardine is a delicious little fish.
  464. A fertile spot in a desert is an oasis
  465. Write your dictation, and then study your geography and grammar.
  466. Once the Sun and the Wind had a quarrel.
  467. The first inhabitants are called pioneers.
  468. They heard the warning too late.
  469. The English are a brave people, and love their country.
  470. All the children came except Mary.
  471. Jack seized a handful of pebbles and threw them into the lake.
  472. The beginning of a river is called its source.
  473. In division the answer is the quotient.
  474. The postage on a letter to England is two cents.
  475. Philemon and Baucis were the kindest old people in the world.
  476. To no stranger did they ever refuse the best hospitality of their poor cottage.
  477. This cottage stood on a low hill, at some distance from the village.
  478. In past ages, the site of this village had been the bed of a lake.
  479. The people of the lovely village were hardhearted, and treated all strangers unkindly.
  480. On a fine summer evening, the two old people were sitting outside the door of their cottage.
  481. Suddenly two travelers appeared, and asked for a morsel of supper and shelter for the night.
  482. Philemon and Baucis had only a bit of brown loaf, and a drink of fresh warm milk.
  483. Baucis hastened indoors, but soon reappeared, with a loaf of bread and a pitcher of milk in her hands.
  484. The two strangers were really Jupiter and Mercury.
  485. All nature is musical.
  486. The name of the ship was Hesperus.
  487. Our bird's name is Jacko.
  488. Many brave deeds has this hero done.
  489. The river knows the way to the sea.
  490. Genoa is the birthplace of Columbus.
  491. Then he climbed the tower.
  492. The boat sails away, like a bird on the wing.
  493. Alexander was a famous Greek warrior.
  494. The lazy man's garden is full of weeds.
  495. I have noticed many lovely traits in her character.
  496. 1 see your reflection in the water.
  497. The long summer days were full of happiness.
  498. The exquisite odor of apple blossoms filled the air.
  499. Mount Hood lifts its snowy peak abruptly from the plain.
  500. The violet lifts its cup of blue.
  501. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland.
  502. Shakespeare is the greatest English poet.
  503. Many wonderful tales did the old sailor tell.
  504. We have been watching the antics of this funny little monkey.
  505. I saw two birds' nests on my way to school.
  506. The edges of this paper seem very rough.
  507. The French were our firm friends during the war.
  508. Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the Civil War.
  509. Did Jason find the Golden Fleece?
  510. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
  511. Where did the Pilgrims land?
  512. When does summer really begin?
  513. When are the shadows longest?
  514. Why do flowers turn toward the light?
  515. Read to me some ballad.
  516. Do your duty cheerfully.
  517. Arrange these flowers in vases around the room.
  518. Join with us in the song.
  519. Hang all your leafy banners out.
  520. Cuba and Porto Rico are islands near Florida.
  521. Beads and ornaments were very valuable in the eyes of the Indians.
  522. The pipers played "Auld Lang Syne" and "Annie Laurie.".
  523. Slowly and sadly we laid him down.
  524. The summer winds were soft and low.
  525. Ulysses was a brave hero and had many adventures.
  526. The skipper blew a whiff from his pipe and laughed scornfully.
  527. Did they arrive early or late?
  528. I felt faint, but soon recovered.
  529. Robin Hood had been outlawed by the king of England.
  530. Ichabod Crane was a tall, lanky fellow, with feet like shovels.
  531. The torrents of Norway leap down from their mountain homes.
  532. The gathering storm made a disturbance among the trees.
  533. The north wind lays a cover over all the rivers and lakes.
  534. Behind Hiawatha's wigwam rose the dark forest.
  535. The carols of the birds are the sweetest sounds in all nature.
  536. Anemones are dainty little white flowers.
  537. During Shakespeare's boyhood, Queen Elizabeth often made royal progresses from castle to castle throughout the country.
  538. In these progresses she was entertained by the great nobles.
  539. Finally the great ship became a mere speck on the horizon.
  540. The stream sparkled and rolled onward with a tuneful sound.
  541. Mercury bound his winged sandals to his feet, and took his wand in his hand.
  542. Every pine and fir and hemlock wore ermine too dear for an earl.
  543. Hide this sword under your cloak and march boldly forward.
  544. Honor thy father and thy mother.
  545. He is a great leader and a most courteous gentleman.
  546. Knots of seaweed hung upon the jagged stones, and trembled in every breath of wind.
  547. They looked cautiously about, but saw nothing.
  548. I rose, and found the shining dew on every buttercup.
  549. The groves were God's first temples.
  550. Vainly but well that chief had fought.
  551. The warriors took their bows and spears from the ship and chased the deer.
  552. On a fine autumnal day Rip had scrambled to the highest part of the mountain.
  553. The terraced hills of Italy are a charming sight.
  554. We travelled through Europe by motor and train and airplane.
  555. They threw the poor dog a bone.
  556. Offer the old lady a chair.
  557. Send the sick child some flowers.
  558. The old sailor made the little boy a beautiful boat.
  559. Give me your attention.
  560. We bought the baby a new cap.
  561. Tell us the news.
  562. He left the children all his wealth.
  563. Pass me the sugar and cream.
  564. The child wrote her mother a long letter.
  565. They have done us a great kindness.
  566. Our neighbors, the Browns, have left for the South.
  567. I have read Ivanhoe, a novel by Sir Walter Scott.
  568. William Penn, the Quaker, was a friend to the Indians.
  569. They followed Miles Standish, their captain.
  570. Hiawatha lived with his grandmother, Nokomis.
  571. We visited Mt. Vernon, the home of Washington.
  572. The king saw the two strangers, mother and child.
  573. Master Cheever, the old schoolmaster, taught arithmetic and reading.
  574. We have made a trip to Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun.
  575. Lincoln, the son of a poor settler, became President of the United States.
  576. On Christmas-day we had a pie, a nice round pie with a crispy rim.
  577. The little house had three rooms; a sitting room, a bedroom, and a tiny kitchen.
  578. We visited London, the largest city in the world.
  579. We sent her some flowers as a birthday present.
  580. They gave the swimmer a medal as a reward for his bravery.
  581. They waited an hour.
  582. Go home now.
  583. He stayed away a month.
  584. Walk one mile every morning after breakfast.
  585. This tea costs a dollar a pound.
  586. This plant grows an inch a week.
  587. My friend has moved three blocks away.
  588. They pay him a dollar a day.
  589. This street is two miles long and fifty feet wide.
  590. Some trains can go seventy miles an hour.
  591. This month our baby will be three years old.
  592. We go to dancing school every Monday and Thursday.
  593. We learn something new each day.
  594. The train leaves five minutes earlier this week.
  595. Last summer we went north.
  596. The fish weighs five pounds.
  597. Give us this day our daily bread.
  598. Did you find the distance too great?
  599. They showed us every possible attention and made us most welcome.
  600. Everybody thinks Rose a beautiful girl.
  601. A blazing fire soon made us dry and comfortable.
  602. Exercise keeps one well.
  603. The noise of the pounding nearly drove us mad.
  604. We chose Jessie as our president.
  605. The children sent little cakes as valentines.
  606. Wear this scarf as a protection from the cutting wind.
  607. Use this umbrella as a cane.
  608. How many words did you have right?
  609. He remained poor all his life.
  610. How old are you, little girl?
  611. Hurry, children.
  612. Madam, I will obey your command.
  613. You are wrong, my child.
  614. Do not cry, little one.
  615. Do you not know me, my son?
  616. I am not ready, mother.
  617. His carelessness caused his father much anxiety.
  618. Do I owe you anything?
  619. Show me the way.
  620. The great tree afforded us shelter during the storm.
  621. Will you get me my hat and gloves?
  622. Bessie gave the horse a big mouthful of fragrant hay.
  623. I can show you the shortest way to town.
  624. Mr. Jones bought his little boy a knife and a ball.
  625. Here comes the baby, the pet of the family.
  626. George's father drove his horses slowly up the hill.
  627. Play me a tune.
  628. The gentleman offered us his car.
  629. Here under this tree they gave their guests a splendid feast.
  630. Can your doll open and shut her eyes?
  631. The fisherman was exceedingly honest and upright.
  632. Down in a green and shady dell A modest violet grew.
  633. In winter I get up at night, And dress by yellow candlelight.
  634. Buy me two spools of thread and a paper of needles.
  635. I saw all the boys but Harry.
  636. Tell the last part of that story again.
  637. Wash your hands and pare the apples for the pie.
  638. Boys and girls, come out and play.
  639. How do you like my story, mother?
  640. Come, Mary, my dear.
  641. Robinson Crusoe's man, Friday, was a faithful servant.
  642. My cousin wrote me a long letter.
  643. My child, come here.
  644. You and your mother have received many gifts from your uncle.
  645. Be quick or you will be too late.
  646. Will you go with us or wait here?
  647. How old are Mary and Jane?
  648. She was always shabby, often ragged, and on cold days very uncomfortable.
  649. Think first and then act.
  650. Do not lean against the freshly painted door and ruin your dress.
  651. The whole school was in a commotion.
  652. Our roses are now in full bloom.
  653. She was in despair over her Easter bonnet.
  654. The grass looked like a bright green carpet.
  655. Whom does the baby look like?
  656. The young man is not of age.
  657. Make yourselves at home, my friends.
  658. Promise me one thing.
  659. I stood, a little mite of a girl, upon a chair by the window, and watched the falling snowflakes. 106. In Japan the little girls, even baby girls, wear bright red or yellow.
  660. The door was painted green, and had a brass knocker.
  661. Queen Elizabeth called the new country Virginia, in honor of herself.
  662. The Pilgrims landed on December 22, the shortest day in the year.
  663. Sit here and sing us a song.
  664. Last week Mr. Weber, the florist, sent us a fern three feet high.
  665. Show the guests these shells, my son, and tell them their strange history.
  666. Did I promise you anything last week?
  667. Robin Hood, the famous outlaw, was the best archer in all England.
  668. We have come a long distance, ten or twelve miles, sir.
  669. We arrived in Dublin late at night, and drove to our hotel in an Irish jaunting-car.
  670. On a brilliant winter's day, we started off in the sleigh, in the gayest of spirits.
  671. A thirsty crow saw a pitcher, and flew to it in great delight.
  672. The old man brought candy and nuts, a treat for the little folks.
  673. I bought a picture of Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan.
  674. The schoolroom, children, was a dingy room with a sanded floor.
  675. You alone are responsible for this accident.
  676. Go not forth, O Hiawatha, To the kingdom of the West-Wind.
  677. Rise, O youth, and wrestle with me.
  678. Many days they talked together.
  679. He tried, but failed.
  680. The child is but two years old.
  681. lie did but glance toward us.
  682. This horse is strong, but very gentle.
  683. Do anything but that.
  684. The toys gave the little sick child much pleasure.
  685. The water makes the pebbles round and smooth.
  686. Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day.
  687. Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home.
  688. I hear nothing but the chirp of the crickets.
  689. My window has remained open all night.
  690. Be satisfied with nothing but your best.
  691. We peeped into the well and saw our reflection in the water.
  692. At the head of the procession marched a man with a tall fur hat and a heavy walking-stick.
  693. The river is a mile wide in some places.
  694. The lake is nearly two miles long, and about a mile wide.
  695. Will you come to my birthday party next Saturday?
  696. We call our canary Peter Piper.
  697. The gift made the child very happy.
  698. We consider them our faithful friends.
  699. We will make this place our home.
  700. Come, boys, and catch the end of this rope.
  701. The squirrels make their nests warm and snug with soft moss and leaves.
  702. Call the children, Ruth.
  703. Do you feel warm or cold?
  704. I will mail the letter myself.
  705. They did the work themselves.
  706. I gave the papers to my father himself.
  707. The little girl made the doll's dress herself.
  708. I hurt myself.
  709. She was talking to herself.
  710. He proved himself trustworthy.
  711. I made myself a printing-press.
  712. We could see ourselves in the water.
  713. Do it yourself.
  714. I feel ashamed of myself.
  715. The little children themselves gathered these flowers.
  716. I will attend to that myself.
  717. The people themselves do not believe the story.
  718. Sit here by yourself.
  719. I gave myself a dreadful blow on the head.
  720. Hurrah! I have finished my work in time for a good game of ball before dinner!
  721. They assigned us a very difficult task.
  722. You, his best friend, will cheer him in his trouble.
  723. He lost his only weapon, a sword.
  724. Stratford is the birthplace of Shakespeare, the greatest English poet.
  725. The dress of the little princess was embroidered with roses, the national flower of the country.
  726. On the borders of a certain island Tom found Gotham, a very curious place.
  727. Sir Philip Sidney, an English nobleman, was fatally wounded in battle.
  728. They wore red caps, the symbol of liberty.
  729. With him as our protector, we fear no danger.
  730. The sweet gum, or liquid amber, is a very pretty tree.
  731. Robin Hood stepped backward several paces.
  732. Seven long days and nights he fasted.
  733. I will make this undertaking my special care.
  734. They considered the great oak their trysting-place.
  735. The people of Lilliput called Gulliver the man-mountain.
  736. The judge pronounced the prisoner innocent of the crime.
  737. Cousin, be merry.
  738. You, sir, have been my best friend.
  739. Ring out, wild bells.
  740. Boatman, do not tarry.
  741. The ocean seemed at rest.
  742. The clouds in the west seemed on fire.
  743. We were all in most excellent spirits.
  744. Be of good cheer, brave comrades.
  745. January is named in honor of Janus, an ancient Roman god.
  746. Out of a low cave of rock at the foot of a limestone crag, the great fountain rose.
  747. The little Dutch settlement on 'Manhattan Island has become the largest and wealthiest city in America.
  748. The Pilgrims on board the Mayflower signed an agreement, and then chose John Carver governor.
  749. All her finery--lace, ribbons, and feathers--was packed away in a trunk.
  750. Most beloved by Hiawatha was the gentle Chibiabos.
  751. I a light canoe will build me.
  752. Like a fire upon the hearth-stone is a neighbor's homely daughter.
  753. Go, my son, into the forest.
  754. Light he thought her, like a feather.
  755. Books of voyage and travel became his passion.
  756. He was the boys' best friend, that dear old schoolmaster.
  757. Caesar, the leader of the Roman army, was a mighty warrior.
  758. His character is above reproach.
  759. Out of a pellucid brook pebbles round and smooth I took.
  760. Every knight was overcome but Lancelot.
  761. O my children, love is sunshine.
  762. Sir Philip Sidney, the noble English general, offered the wounded soldier a cup of water.
  763. Every spring and fall our cousins pay us a long visit.
  764. The beavers build themselves lodges below the surface of the water.
  765. Sleep. little one.
  766. Hast thou seen that lordly castle, that castle by the sea?
  767. Gems I held from every land, in the hollow of my hand.
  768. Don't cry, little girl.
  769. Jack Frost looked forth one still, clear night.
  770. One day I saw a mullein stalk nearly six feet high.
  771. Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, heard Arachne's boastful speech.
  772. Good queen, I am friendless and a stranger.
  773. Her kindness soon put the awkward youth at his ease.
  774. Columbus named the island San Salvador.
  775. He took possession of it for the king and queen of Spain.
  776. The new country was named Virginia, in honor of the Queen.
  777. Captain John Smith, the sturdy explorer, showed the Indians his pocket compass.
  778. Orpheus took his harp and began his magic music.
  779. Puck was a lively little sprite, and played many mischievous tricks.
  780. Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, was the mother of Hamlet.
  781. In our climate the grass remains green all winter.
  782. Do you want all the doors and windows open ?
  783. Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the fairies, held their midnight revels in a wood.
  784. The fairies' names were Pease-blossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustard-seed.
  785. Three caskets they bore on their saddle bows, Three caskets of gold, with golden keys.
  786. Colder and louder blew the wind, A gale from the northeast.
  787. Time and tide wait for no man.
  788. Thou art like a beauteous flower.
  789. The chestnut-tree offered the hummingbirds its blossoms for a breakfast.
  790. The peacock was the favorite bird of Juno, the queen of the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus.
  791. Evangeline, a tale of Acadia, was written by Longfellow, an American poet.
  792. Iagoo, the great boaster, made a bow for Hiawatha.
  793. The robin's song sounded sweet and clear through the summer shower.
  794. One day I showed Ethel my new books.
  795. The olive branch is often called the emblem of peace.
  796. Sir Walter Scott was the author of many novels.
  797. Two days and two nights he floated in the sea.
  798. We heard the sound of many waters.
  799. Solomon was made king before the death of his father.
  800. The king had the choice of three evils,famine, flight, or pestilence.
  801. The general found the captain faithful to his trust.
  802. In a city, the principal officer is the mayor.
  803. In some places this river is a mile wide and very deep.
  804. Last year he was elected secretary of the club.
  805. I think his conduct a disgrace.
  806. The shock of the accident rendered him unconscious.
  807. Do you seek adventure, gallant youth?
  808. Come, old friend, sit down and listen.
  809. The Spaniards made the Indians presents of strings of beads.
  810. Four times the sun had risen and set.
  811. Do you feel warm or cold?
  812. The boy who brought the book has gone.
  813. These are the flowers that you ordered.
  814. I have lost the book that you gave me.
  815. I will bring the friend who is visiting me.
  816. The children ate the lunch that their mother had packed for them.
  817. I like my next lesson, which is arithmetic.
  818. I am reading he book that you left on the library table.
  819. Have you returned the umbrella that you borrowed yesterday?
  820. The Indians that Columbus found in America were poor.
  821. The snowdrop is the first flower that opens in the spring.
  822. The fisherman who owned the boat now demanded payment.
  823. Come when you are called.
  824. I shall stay at home if it rains.
  825. When he saw me, he stopped.
  826. If you want me, telephone before noon.
  827. Do not laugh at me because I seem so absent minded.
  828. The prettiest toy of all was a little lady, who stood at the open door of the castle.
  829. She had a little narrow blue ribbon over her shoulders, that looked like a scarf.
  830. Catherine lingered a minute after she had been served.
  831. I shall lend you the books that you need.
  832. When I heard the knock, I ran to the door and opened it.
  833. Come early next Monday if you can.
  834. Choose him leader, boys, for he has won three times.
  835. If you come early, wait in the study-hall.
  836. The poor duckling was sad because he looked so ugly.
  837. If you find the bucket empty, fill it.
  838. If you see your cousins on Saturday, give them my regards.
  839. The carriage was a shell of many hues, which glittered in the sunshine.
  840. He had a little sister who was his constant companion.
  841. A certain man had a goose that laid him a golden egg every day.
  842. The patter and beat of the storm was a joyous sound to children who owned sleds.
  843. I had a younger brother whose name was Antonio.
  844. The wood in which they met was the favorite haunt of the fairies.
  845. If you have time, pay us a visit.
  846. Have you seen the flowers that the children brought?
  847. Near the queen stood two maids who served her.
  848. The fairy godmother waved her wand, which had been hidden under her long cloak.
  849. Gnomes are little men who live under the ground.
  850. This is the house that Jack built.
  851. The birds had gone south, for they were afraid of the cold.
  852. Since you are anxious about the child, I will go with her.
  853. The train was delayed several hours because the bridge had been swept away by the flood.
  854. He is loved by everybody, because he has a gentle disposition.
  855. I love the bright and glorious sun, that gives us light and heat.
  856. Hold the horse while I run and get my cap.
  857. I have read the, books you recommended.
  858. I have found the ring I lost.
  859. The sun shines, and the weather is warm.
  860. The lark sang, and the daisy was happy.
  861. In summer the days are long and the nights are short.
  862. Her brothers are very dark, but she is different.
  863. I knocked, but no one answered.
  864. Her mouth smiled, but her eyes were very sad.
  865. The thunder is loud, and the lightning plays among the clouds.
  866. When I arrived, I went to the hotel; but all the rooms had been taken.
  867. The wind is high, but the tide is low.
  868. The eleven brothers were all princes; and each went to school with a star on his breast and a sword at his side.
  869. The morning had been beautiful, but by noon the sky was quite overcast.
  870. The Grasshopper begged for a little food; but the Ants only mocked him.
  871. The fairy godmother touched the six mice, and they became six prancing steeds, with harnesses of gold.
  872. A large fire burned brightly on the hearth; the children sat before it and watched the flames.
  873. The hut was humble ; but it was clean and white, like a seashell.
  874. Her hair was thick with many a curl that clustered round her head.
  875. The old man played his fiddle, and all the little children danced merrily.
  876. Play and I will sing.
  877. In this country Christmas comes in winter, but in the southern hemisphere it comes in mid-summer.
  878. It is daytime here, but it is night in Japan.
  879. Sit here and we can see the fun.
  880. We carried umbrellas, but we did not need them.
  881. They told me a wonderful tale about their adventures, but I do not believe it.
  882. Make hay while the sun shines.
  883. Work while you work and play while you play.
  884. A little mouse soon became quite familiar, and would come to me and eat from my hand.
  885. The general neatness and cheerfulness of the room make it very pretty.
  886. The people who told us the news were certain of its truth.
  887. A very old house once stood in a street with several that were quite new and clean.
  888. Ceremonies are different in every country; but true politeness is everywhere the same.
  889. He laughs best who laughs last.
  890. Give me the articles I ordered.
  891. That is the funniest story I ever heard.
  892. While you are waiting, I'll tell you a joke I read.
  893. She is taller than her brother.
  894. They are no wiser than we.
  895. Light travels faster than sound.
  896. We have more time than they.
  897. She has more friends than enemies.
  898. I can endure heat better than cold.
  899. London is much larger than Paris.
  900. He is far more lucky than wise.
  901. Your judgment is better than mine.
  902. I know her better than her sister.
  903. Rip now hurried forth and hastened to his old resort, the village inn; but it too was gone.
  904. He walked along cautiously to the very edge of the precipice, and then leaned over.
  905. A Connecticut farmer took me out under his porch one April day, and showed me a phoebe bird's nest six stories high.
  906. The same bird had returned each year, and had built a new nest upon the old foundation.
  907. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.
  908. Work, for the night is coming.
  909. They were very tired when they came home, and went to bed immediately.
  910. The gate of Gotham was so narrow that little people could not get through.
  911. The mice had no peace, because the cat was always watching them.
  912. After a little time, the patient spider made a seventh trial and succeeded.
  913. He was very poor, and with his wife and five children lived in a little low cabin of logs and stones.
  914. When the wind blew, the traveler wrapped his mantle more closely around him.
  915. The sun poured down his warm rays, and the traveler unfastened his cloak and threw it off.
  916. Washington retreated from Long Island when he found his army outnumbered.
  917. I am sure that we can go.
  918. They called the place at which they landed Jamestown, in honor of their sovereign, James the First.
  919. Where shall we keep the holiday, and duly greet the entering May?
  920. It was a summer evening, and the wind had ceased.
  921. I consider her my friend, because she has often given me good advice.
  922. He was so frightened that he could not speak.
  923. We went back to the place where we saw the roses.
  924. Bring me the book we were reading last Wednesday.
  925. The mill will not turn with the water that has passed.
  926. Buttercups and violets are flowers that bloom in the early spring.
  927. Have you seen the box of candy that Lucy gave me yesterday?
  928. The Judge is a man whose opinions are valuable.
  929. We slept in a pleasant room that opened toward the east.
  930. The box was so highly polished that little Pandora could see her face in its surface.
  931. The frost had so covered the window-panes that we could not get a glimpse of the scenery outside.
  932. When Rip returned home, the first thing that he saw was a statue which had been erected in the public square.
  933. As he ran along the road, he saw in the orchard a beautiful tree, upon which were golden apples.
  934. Violets are purple, buttercups are yellow, and wild roses are pink and red.
  935. The moss upon the forest bark, was pole-star when the night was dark.
  936. The purple berries in the wood supplied me necessary food.
  937. Clyde was a beautiful nymph who lived in a wonderful palace under the sea.
  938. Trees and hills had seen their images in the broad and peaceful mirror of the lake.
  939. I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o'er vales and hills.
  940. The waves beside them danced; but they outdid the sparkling waves in glee.
  941. They wondered at the goodness and power of God, who made the lovely world.
  942. Columbus named the island that he had discovered San Salvador.
  943. Since my country calls me, I obey.
  944. I saw a ship that sailed the sea; it left me when the sun went down.
  945. The books that you spoke of are not for sale.
  946. The daisy, by the shadow that it casts, protects the lingering dewdrop from the sun.
  947. If thou art alive, sweet sir, awake.
  948. Happy is the simple man whose heart is very young.
  949. When the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by.
  950. I had climbed the massive rock which commands the town.
  951. The valley had been dry land so long that oaks had sprung up and grown great and high.
  952. As the stranger listened, a smile beamed over his countenance.
  953. The Indians were not the only enemies that the colonists feared.
  954. The shield that the goddess bore was polished, and shone in the sun.
  955. They chose him as chief, because they considered him the bravest man in their company.
  956. I will come at whatever time you appoint.
  957. The day is cold and dark and dreary; it rains, and the wind is never weary.
  958. Spring has come, but the snow still lingers on the mountain-side.
  959. Diana's chariot is bright like silver, but her horses are black as night.
  960. With splendid courage they faced danger, while they concealed their deeper feelings.
  961. If you would have a faithful servant, serve yourself.
  962. Did you ever watch the swift cloud-horses that the north wind drives across the sky?
  963. The sun smiles, and the whole world returns the smile.
  964. Here and there skims a blue dragon-fly, with wings that look like thinnest gauze.
  965. She had a rustic, woodland air, and she was wildly clad.
  966. Any time you mention will suit me.
  967. Lend me the book that you were talking about.
  968. All the wildflowers of the prairies, when on earth they fade and perish, blossom in that heaven above us.
  969. Winter calls to his gloomy train, the sleet and the snow, the wind and the rain.
  970. In each shell lies a glittering pearl, which would be fit for the diadem of a queen.
  971. A few of the willows that yellowed the river-bank took on a deeper color.
  972. Spring is the morning of the year, the summer is the noontide bright; the autumn is the evening clear, that comes before the winter's night.
  973. To the left, in the mellow sunset light, stretched the lovely vineyards, with their rows of trellised vines.
  974. In the depths of the forest, on the margin of a clear lake, stood a wonderful palace, with walls of shining marble.
  975. The old man, in a voice that seldom rose above the howling of the wind upon the moor, was singing them a Christmas song.
  976. The position they offered him was so good that he accepted at once.
  977. Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.
  978. The torrents of Norway leap down from their mountain homes, and run brief but glorious races to the sea.
  979. Tristram tuned his harp to a sweet melody, while the waves lapped softly on the shore.
  980. Hearty and hale was he, an oak that is covered with snowflakes.
  981. The great Greek sculptor, Phidias, made a statue of Zeus that was forty feet high.
  982. Athena came and poured sweet sleep over Odysseus' eyes, that he might find quiet rest after all his toils.
  983. Diana drives in a golden chariot over the floor of heaven, which is studded with twinkling stars.
  984. As Orpheus sang, the forest grew calm again.
  985. Sing us that song again, brave Orpheus, that we may forget the Sirens and their spell.
  986. Then out spoke the magic bough which Jason had fastened to the mast.
  987. Many weary years the Argonauts wandered, until they had atoned for the crime of Medea, the dark witch-maiden.
  988. Then they dreamed of bright still gardens, and of slumbers under murmuring pines, till all their toil seemed foolishness, and they thought of their renown no more.
  989. They also serve who only stand and wait.
  990. I know that you are right.
  991. I will tell you where she lives.
  992. The boy said that his mother was away from home.
  993. I felt that I was watched.
  994. Tell me what you are thinking.
  995. See what I have found.
  996. The truth of the matter was, they had vanished.
  997. That they simply vanished is the truth of the matter.
  998. Tell me all you know about it.
  999. What you mean seems very vague.
  1000. See how red the clouds are!
  1001. The sign said, "Stop."
  1002. I did not notice where they went.
  1003. The hope that help was near comforted them.
  1004. My advice is, "Go at once."
  1005. How the trick was done baffled the audience.
  1006. That the scheme failed amazed every one.
  1007. The important question is, "Where shall we go?"
  1008. That they asked so many questions proved their interest in the subject.
  1009. The whole world was amazed at what Edison accomplished.
  1010. What Edison accomplished amazed the whole world.
  1011. The father's ambition was that his son might become a great physician.
  1012. The world is better, life is richer, because noble men have lived.
  1013. You will hardly believe what I must now tell you.
  1014. "Rose, my child, what are you doing?" called her mother.
  1015. Everybody knows that Columbus discovered America in 1492.
  1016. They came after the sun had set.
  1017. I lay awake until the clock struck twelve.
  1018. We started on our journey before the day dawned.
  1019. It is my hope that you will return in the fall.
  1020. It is my opinion that you are wrong.
  1021. It is almost certain that our team will win.
  1022. "Be patient, my children," the mother said.
  1023. It has been proved that the earth is round.
  1024. "What have I done?" asked the man.
  1025. My first impression was that I had seen the man before.
  1026. I think that that man is a Swede.
  1027. "This tree is fifty feet high," said the gardener.
  1028. I think that this train leaves five minutes earlier today.
  1029. My opinion is that the governor will grant him a pardon.
  1030. Why he has left the city is a mystery.
  1031. The house stands where three roads meet.
  1032. The red rose says, "Be sweet," and the lily bids, "Be pure."
  1033. The place from which the light proceeded was a small chapel.
  1034. What is new is not always true.
  1035. I am sure that the report is correct.
  1036. The woman grieved over what she had lost.
  1037. Those are the rocks that sailors call the Hen and Chickens.
  1038. What man is called Father of his Country?
  1039. I must now relate what happened to me a few days before the ship sailed.
  1040. We have less room than they.
  1041. She has much more leisure than you.
  1042. I can remain later today than tomorrow.
  1043. Boston is much smaller than New York.
  1044. He has far more money than brains.
  1045. Your advice seems better than his.
  1046. I like summer better than winter.
  1047. Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold, And to the presence in the room he said, "What writest thou?"
  1048. The vision answered, "The names of those who love the Lord."
  1049. Ponce de Leon discovered a land bright with flowers, which he named Florida.
  1050. The Japanese can twist the English language into the strangest knots that you ever saw.
  1051. A little vessel with one loose sail was riding at anchor, keel to keel with another that lay right under its own reflection.
  1052. 'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
  1053. Read from some humbler poet, whose songs gushed from his heart.
  1054. From the mountain-top hung a curtain of mist, whose heavy folds waved to and fro in the valley below.
  1055. She spoke and said, "I am the Queen of Olympus, Hera, the wife of the great Zeus."
  1056. "Wed a maiden of your people," said old Nokomis.
  1057. Gay was he, for his doublet was of scarlet silk, and on his cap waved a long feather.
  1058. Robin Hood was jovial and kindly, and often gave to the poor what he took from the rich.
  1059. When a man is in earnest and knows what he is about, his work is half done.
  1060. Do the duty that lies nearest thee.
  1061. Books give to all who faithfully use them the spiritual presence of the best and greatest of our race.
  1062. Friend, all the world is a little queer, excepting thee and me; and sometimes I think thee a little peculiar.
  1063. A wind came up out of the sea, and said, "O mists, make room for me!"
  1064. Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation of what you do not understand.
  1065. To have what we want is riches; but to be able to do without is power.
  1066. "How did you like the party, children?" asked the old lady who met us.
  1067. The parapet of that house projects so far forward that no one can see out of our windows what is going on in that direction.
  1068. Evidently that gate is never opened, for the long grass and the great hemlocks grow close against it.
  1069. As the sun goes to the horizon, we have an effect that is sometimes produced by the best Dutch artists--a wonderful transparent light, in which the landscape looks like a picture.
  1070. The highroads in rural England are made pleasant to the traveler by a border of trees, and often afford him the hospitality of a wayside bench beneath a comfortable shade.
  1071. I met a little cottage girl; she was eight years old, she said.
  1072. The terns and gulls flew to and fro from shore to shore, and whistled sweet and wild.
  1073. The shadows of clouds ran races over the bright blue bay, and the breakers plunged merrily upon the wide white sands.
  1074. She said, "I am the nymph of the tree which you have saved."
  1075. Ask what I can give you, and you shall have it.
  1076. He tried and tried, but all his efforts were in vain.
  1077. The prince walked in the wet fields beside his shadow, and was glad.
  1078. Everything was white save the river, that marked its course by a winding black line across the landscape.
  1079. The face, chest, and arms of the great statue of Zeus were of ivory; the hair and beard were of solid gold; and the robe was covered with jeweled flowers.
  1080. Fuji is the sacred mountain of Japan; and for thousands of years it has been scaled by pilgrims who come from every province of the empire.
  1081. As Fuji is a sacred mountain, it is scaled every year by pilgrims from all parts of the empire.
  1082. Pandora had called the box ugly, but in reality it was a very beautiful article of furniture.
  1083. As the child had no other looking-glass, I wonder that she did not consider the box valuable on this account.
  1084. When I was building my house, a little mouse that had its nest under the floor would come out regularly at meal-times.
  1085. One day, when I offered the mouse a bit of cheese, it came and nibbled it, then cleaned its face and paws like a fly, and walked away.
  1086. The little mouse soon became quite familiar, for it knew that I was its friend.
  1087. I gradually made this discovery--that it considered me its friend and not its enemy.
  1088. As no tidings of the ship had been brought, the women of the village were in despair.
  1089. Robert Bruce, the royal hero of Scotland, when he was pursued by his enemies, took refuge in a cave.
  1090. As he lay there, he watched a spider that was spinning a web across the entrance.
  1091. "If this spider," said Bruce, "makes a seventh attempt and succeeds, I will make one more trial for Scotland."
  1092. Major Pendennis told his nephew's tutor that the young man would go to college next October.
  1093. How sweet and gracious, even in common speech, is that fine sense which men call courtesy.
  1094. Every sound was muffled by the snow, every noise was changed to something soft and musical.
  1095. In his early youth, while he was still minding his herds on the rich pastures of Mount Ida, Paris received a visit from the goddesses of Mount Olympus.
  1096. Paris landed on the shores of Lacedaemon, where the people received him kindly, and helped him on his journey to Sparta.
  1097. He spent his childhood in the log-cottage where he was born, and was dutiful to his mother, and helpful to her in many ways.