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cofl's stuff

This page serves as a jumping-point for my resources and such. Please use the navigation sidebar to ease finding things. Ctrl-F works, too. Some pages may be broken, as I reworked the site structure and may have missed changing a few things.



This is a list of games I've run over on /r/conlangs.


There are a few things that are available elsewhere, but I keep copies of them here.


Saadan Languages

The Saadan Languages were the very first languages I ever created. In reality, they were the evolutions and restarts of the original, Plû'ua'sv'dÿner, which was a nooblang inspired into creation by Nreku, a conlang I'd found and met the creator of on a writer's chatroom. I wouldn't be where I was today without them.

For more information, see the Saadan Languages directory page.


Sketches and one-off documents

Most of these occurred around when or after work stopped on the Saadan languages. Ultimately, they majority of them have been abandoned. My latest sketches and documents can be found at the Sketches directory page